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Project activities

The results of each project activity will be achieved through the following tasks:

• Study about the identification and analysis of the best practice of the industrial relations of Craft enterprises sectors in Europe. Firstly, the project partners will analyse the situation in their countries with a top-down approach to understand the impact of SME in their economy. This analysis will lead to a set of tables representing the social and economic value of SME in the economies.

Then, they will proceed, with a bottom-up approach, to identify the best practices of leadership in the representation of Craft enterprises sectors. This process will lead to the definition of a set of specific instances whereby representation has taken place in an innovative way. Specifically, to identify the best practices, the project will refer to instances whereby: representatives of the SME represent both the

employer and their employees, the counterpart is the government, work performed in market conditions is assumed as a value.

• Organisation of an international conference in Alessandria (Italy) to present the study results and to share experiences and best practices and involve counterparts, stakeholders and other EU countries not participating in the project. The conference will give the floor to discuss the issues tackled by the project. The conference will see the participation of relevant counterparts at EU level. However, many other relevant actors will be identified in the course of the project implementation that will be able to participate in the conference. They will be selected by the project partners according to their relevance at national level in the field of industrial relations and social dialogue. The participation of counterparts/stakeholders of non participating countries will be helpful for the project evaluation because these subjects will act as external evaluators for the project results achievements.




WP1 Project M1-M12 (CNA Valenza - All the project partners): The coordination scheme is designed to ensure effective and efficient management. The partners agreed that the most effective method to keep the project manageable is to allocate responsibility for self-contained work-subsets (WP). The project coordination will be divided in Scientific and Administrative Coordination.

WP2 Dissemination M1-M12 (ISES - All the project partners): ISES, with the support of all partners, will assure a traditional approach in the dissemination of project results with the setting up of an Internet presence (web site, mailing list, knowledge base), publication of a press release (for each country) on national newspapers and the publication and dissemination of the study.

WP3 Evaluation M1 – M12 (CF - SK - All the project partners): Internally: follow-up at the end of each activity, with record-filing systems, to analyse the execution of the project comparing the plan to the practice. Externally: assessment of an evaluation questionnaire to verify the degree of participation, involvement and satisfaction of the international conference participants and of a counterparts/stakeholders participation matrix to evaluate their effective involvement.

WP4 Craft enterprises sectors in Europe M2 – M8 (Balkan Middle Class Office - All the project partners): The partners will analyse the situation in their countries with a top-down approach to understand the impact of SME in their economy. Then, they will proceed, with a bottom-up approach, to a better understanding of current and future skills needs in micro and craft enterprises throughout Europe.

WP5 International conference to exchange and transfer the best practices M7 – M12 (CNA Valenza –ISES): The Conference will represent an arena to present the project results and where decision makers and relevant stakeholders will be able to confront each other but in addition, they will able to exchange opinions.


This project has been funded with the financial support of the Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue Programme of the European Union - Directorate-Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.
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