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About the conference

At the end of the project, CNA and ISES will organize an international conference in Alessandria (Italy) to present the study results and to share experiences and best practices and involve counterparts, stakeholders and other EU countries not participating in the project.

The conference will give the floor to discuss the issues tackled by the project and it will see the participation of relevant stakeholders at EU level. Other relevant actors will be identified in the course of the project implementation that will be able to participate in the conference. They will be selected by the project partners according to their relevance at national level in the field of industrial relations and social dialogue. The participation of counterparts/stakeholders of non participating countries will be helpful for the project evaluation because these subjects will act as external evaluators for the project results achievements.


  • 50 participants (40 will be invited directly by the project partners) representing the main stakeholders „
  • CNA-ISES will invite at least 6 stakeholders also from non participating countries in the project. All the other partners will invite at least 4stakeholders to participate. „

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This project has been funded with the financial support of the Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue Programme of the European Union - Directorate-Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.
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